Top 10 Summer Fun Safety Tips

There is no denying, the Alabama summer has finally arrived! Although the weather has been awesome the last few weeks, it is still a good idea to practice summer safety. Just because the temperature is only a 80-90 degrees doesn’t mean the sun is any less intense. Check out our Top 10 Summer Fun Safety Tips to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy for the summer!

1.)   Always practice good pool safety:
*Make sure all fences surrounding your pool or other safety/alarm devices are in working order.
*If you plan to hang out by the pool, don’t do it alone and of course, NEVER leave children unattended at the pool, even for a second!
*Learn CPR – you could safe a life.

2.)   Sun protection:
*The sun in Alabama is brutal! Even just a few minutes of sun exposure can cause a sun burn. If you plan to be outside for any length of time, apply a generous amount of sun block before you go out. Even if you have water proof sun block, it is wise to re-apply after you have been in the pool.
*Wearing protective, light colored clothing will also help prevent too much sun exposure.
*Buy a good sun block – not all brands are the same and some can cause more damage then we realize. Read the labels and research before you buy. A higher UV rating does not always mean its going to be the best choice for maximum protection.

3.)   Drink plenty of water:
*We should consume at least 64 ounces of water per day – during a summer in Alabama this amount could easily be doubled to prevent dehydration.
*Keep plenty of water available for kids and guests.
*If you are traveling in the car, keep a cooler stocked with bottles of cold water.

4.)   Think before you eat:
*Before you dive into the plate of food that has been sitting out, consider the temperature. Keep all perishable foods in the refrigerator or cooler and leftovers should not be left out for more than an hour or two.
*Be sure to wash your hands before preparing or serving any food. Make sure your children wash their hands, or at least use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, before eating.
*Never cross-contaminate. Do not allow any raw meat or poultry to come into contact with any other food or plates or utensils.

5.) Invest in some "cool" shades:
*Not all sunglasses need to be outrageously expensive to provide protection from the extreme sun in Alabama. Read the labels and look for the UV ratings. You’ll be surprised at how many inexpensive shades are available!
*Don’t forget the kids – even children need to protect their eyes from the sun. And they’ll think its pretty “cool!”

6.)   NEVER leave your pet in the car:
* Dogs can’t sweat—they control their body temperature by panting. If the air in the car is near or above the dog’s body temperature (about 100°F), the dog will be unable to cool itself, and its body temperature can quickly rise to fatal levels (over 107°F). Heatstroke symptoms in dogs include: heavy panting, salivation, disorientation, agitation, rapid heart beat, lethargy, vomiting, seizures, coma and death.

7.) Pets need sun protection too:
*Whether your furry 4-legged family member is an indoor or outdoor pet, make sure they have plenty of shade and fresh, cool water available at all times.

8.)   Stranger Danger:
*If you are headed to a place where you know there will be lots of crowds, review some ground rules before you get there. Make sure your kid(s) knows what to do in case you get separated or lost from one another.
*Teach them to look for a person who can help them like a uniformed police officer, park worker or even a mother with children.
*Pick a spot upon your arrival and designate it as your meeting place in case someone gets lost.
*Teach your children what to do if a stranger should approach them. Have a game plan and make sure everyone knows the rules!

9.)  Alcohol and the sun don’t mix:
*Alcohol can seem like a good idea when hanging out at the pool or on the boat at the lake. But it can be a dangerous combination with the sun! If you plan to have alcohol be a part of your summer fun, make sure you keep hydrated first with water!
*Take extra precautions to keep your family, friends and guest safe. If you are on the boat, make sure everyone is wearing the proper life jackets. If you are at the pool, make sure you follow good pool safety and NEVER leave anyone unattended!

 10.) Have an emergency medical kit & fire extinguisher on hand:
*A simple medical kit can be purchased at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc for just a few dollars. If an accident happens, it is better to be prepared ahead of time.
*A fire extinguisher can stop a bad situation from becoming a nightmare. Don’t let your summer fun be ruined because of an accident which could have been prevented!

Top 10 Summer Fun Safety Tips