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TMI Real Estate
Leasing and Property Management Department
Our Leasing and Property Management offers management services for:
  • Single Family Homeowners
  • Investor Portfolios
  • Apartment Communities

We love to offer our clients our extensive menu of services to which is customized for each individual owner.

Let us build you a custom plan to meet your Leasing and Property Management needs!



Tom Murphy
Qualifying Broker, Owner
Troy State University, BBA 
Samford University, Continuing Studies 
University of Alabama, Continuing Studies 
Auburn University, Continuing Studies 
Merrill Lynch (Network 50) Relocation Management 
Home Equity Relocation Management 
Marcoin Financial Management
Century 21 Irvine, California, Sales Management 
Success Motivation Institute
Barrett Recruiting
Hall Management/Leadership Institute

Professional Experience:
1970 - Texaco Inc., - Marketing / Operations
1977 - Century 21 Southeast Realty - Associate/Qualifying Broker 
1979 - Chambers Homes for Living - Qualifying Broker 
1985 - Johnston Rast & Hayes/Trimm Company - Qualifying Broker
1997 - Tom Murphy Associates, Inc., Qualifying Broker
2009 - TMI Real Estate - Qualifying Broker

Board of Education Certified Real Estate Instructor 
Private and Public Institution Course Instructor
Private and Public Seminar Speaker

Real Estate:

Licensed by the Alabama Real Estate Commission and Member of the National, State and Local Association of Realtors since 1977.  Experienced in Residential and Commercial Real Estate:  Brokerage, Management, Marketing, Land Development, Construction, Relocation, REO, Property Management